Reflections on CoCooN

08 Jan 2016
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As member of IPAC the International Programme Advisory Committee of CoCooN, I was very pleased that the projects that we recommended were accepted for funding and that they achieved a high degree of success. This required courage on the part of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and DFID, who funded the climate change projects, which I was not involved in helping to chose. It was and still is essential to carry out this type of research even if it is risky. Research on these issues helps to find solutions to cross border problems such as small scale mining, biofuel fishery, oil and gas development, climate change etc. Involving scientists/activist (key players) from all the countries involved is vital. I am not sure that separating/defining scientists from activists is helpful as many activists are themselves scientist who are trying to influence a range of stakeholders including civil society, governments local and national and the commercial sector including banking, insurance, the aid sector and extractive industries etc.

Clive Montgomery Wicks, Conservation and Development Consultant on Impact of Oil, Gas, Mining and Biofuel Projects

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